October 28, 2018

Well… another week of radiation complete! I’ve been feeling quite a
bit more burned out and exhausted. I don’t feel comfortable in my body
for various reasons. My face and neck are even more swollen now from
the steroid etc. But, only 6 more radiation treatments! It can’t come
soon enough… Then I get my month break and hopefully I have less
pills to take and I can work away at getting to where I desire to be
with my “NEW” self. I crave a semblance of normalcy – to remember what
I used to feel like. Though I know it will always be different now – I
still believe I can find a fresh contentment in myself. I can be even
better! I mean, this whole situation has changed me in so many ways –
physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically. Going forward my
life and perspective will never be the same. And that is OK. I can BE
and live my life however I choose – it’s all mine to do with what I

In other news, my incredible husband Steve bought me a punching bag
and gloves! (Pic below!) It turns out that having a brain tumour can
really bring about a lot of rage and frustration. Who knew? Lol I’ve
started using it a bit and it’s really freeing! I’m going to add it to
my regular workout routine – which has been a slower process than I
would like. But I’ll get there. 😎

Steve and I did a photo shoot together last week for Halloween. He is
in the shoot too. 😁 I’m so proud of the work we did together! It
wasn’t easy for me with how I was feeling but I so much wanted to do
it. Steve did a gorgeous job with the editing. It’s called “Forever
Ghost”. It’s a love story. I included some of my favs here. My
absolute favourite is the one of us in the crystal ball. It’s a
reminder to me that no matter what happens we will always be together
– forever! πŸ–€πŸ–€




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