And this is how it is…

I’m not a warrior. In my mind I am not a warrior. The people close to me, the ones that understand – they are the warriors. They never question how I feel. And when they don’t ask how I feel it’s kind of comforting. I feel terrible all of the time. That’s my reality. It hurts. Not just my brain but my whole body. How I think, how I feel. I tried to walk up a flight of stairs yesterday. My left foot wouldn’t follow me. Steve held me and took me up the stairs. It’s not what I wanted and not what he wanted to see. I’m still fighting. But the harder it gets, the more real this becomes. Here are the words of my friends that are struggling with the same thing. Please read them. Listen. This is how it feels…

Christmas – Dec 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!!!

More than 2 years ago now when I started this blog I didn’t know how many more Christmases I would see. But here we are again! I have the best family and friends – Merry Christmas to me!!!

I wanted to share my Christmas Eve gift with you all. I have the most amazing family and friends – and husband who put this video together! Love you all – Always & Forever!!! Oh, my heart!

Featuring the musical talents of my bestie bandmate Stephanie Dilts.