June 5, 2020

As I watch what’s going on around me in the world…

2 thoughts on “June 5, 2020

  1. Oh Kelly, I am so sorry your doctor is leaving. I understand how abandoned you must feel to lose him. We will pray that this “hole” will gradually be filled in by the rest of the medical “family”. God bless you.


  2. “Stable” is good, shrinking or gone would be better but it’s acceptable. I know the loss of a Doctor you like and come to know is devastating as you have to “break in” the new Doc, and re explain everything and anything, but through calm level headed conversations you can get them educated to your situation. Is this new doctor some one your doctor recommended or just forwarded your case to? I would imagine that he would send you to a doctor he believes would be the best fit for you. either way, keep a positive mind flow, maybe hopefully this guy has the key to making things better. focus on the good. keep your spirits up. We love you and Steve. We are cheering for you in this fight!


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